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The automotive industry plays a crucial role in the global economy and has a very distinct and complex logistic loop in its supply chain. OEM companies supply assembly lines with various parts and components. Each product must be clearly labeled to indicate where it goes inside an automobile, as well as special handling and installation information.

The competition on the market of car part manufacturers puts a lot of pressure on your business. At Arca Systems, we know all the exigencies and international standards you must comply with, both in terms of product quality and of labeling requirements. Our ranges of Documentation Labels, Die-cut Parts and Logistic Labels are designed and produced at the highest level of quality to satisfy your needs.

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Every part that goes into an automobile must be traced back to its manufacturer in order to prove that it complies with the standard quality requirements. In a world where customers are holding companies accountable for the products they deliver, traceability is the only way of ensuring proper communication and transparency.

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Automobiles are the most complex products created for private consumers. Every car owner must have available clear and simple instructions to operate and maintain their vehicle properly, as well as warnings for improper use. Self-sticking labels applied on various parts of the car offer this information in a clear and visually pleasing manner.


Competition in the automotive industry has reached an all-times high. Car manufacturers need to build and maintain a visible brand in order to connect with customers and keep them loyal. With the various customization options available, Arca Systems labels help you promote your brand image in every single detail.


Car parts must comply with international quality and safety standards. You can show that your products comply with these standards by applying the relevant logos and information on the self-adhesive labels placed on your products.

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