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Your institution is at the core of the financial world. You manage private individuals’ money, as well as the capital of large corporations. One of the most risky and sensitive parts of your work involves moving cash from one place to another. There are multiple challenges associated with this activity, but security and confidentiality are the most critical.

Our experience working with banks, insurance agencies and other companies that issue/manage valuables (travelers’ checks, vouchers, gift cards) helped us understand the challenges you are facing. From basic administrative documents, to money and other valuables, you can rely on our Arcamail and Arcasafe ranges of mailing pouches.

Your Challenges


You must be certain that no one attempted to open your packages and compromise the confidentiality of the contents. The “High Security” seal we use on the Arcasafe range of mailing pouches is impossible to tamper with without leaving visible marks. Once opened, the flap cannot be resealed. Thus, any unauthorized person who attempts to open the pouch will betray their action.


Financial information, the identity of your clients and the types of valuables packed in our shipping pouches remain confidential thanks to the opaque film they are made of. This film cannot be made transparent even by heating or exposure to liquids.


Branding is important in your industry as a mark of confidence for your clients and recipients of your mailings. We offer you various possibilities of customizing our stock items: by printing in several colors, adding your logo to the pouch, etc.


Add a supplementary level of security to your shipped packages by applying sequential numbers, barcodes or QR codes. Supplementary, you can add up to three detachable confirmation receipts to the pouch.

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