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Electronic parts and components are in almost any product people use – from cars to smartphones and even coffee makers. As the market for smart devices grows, so does the demand for printed electronic boards, chips and other electronic parts. These in-demand products need to be stored, handled and transported with great care, in special conditions, otherwise they could be damaged beyond repair.

Arca Systems helps you pack and ship your products safely with our range of sealable pouches and envelopes with bubbles and made of ESD materials. These antistatic bubble pouches prevent accidental electrostatic discharges and protect your sensitive electronic parts from mechanical shocks, dust and vibrations.

Whatever your special requirements may be, we have a solution to pack and ship electronic products of any shape and size. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific applications!

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The smallest shock or electrostatic discharge can compromise an electronic product and render it unusable. To ensure ideal storing, shipping and handling conditions, we created a comprehensive range of ESD bubble pouches especially for the electronics industry.


There is a huge market of counterfeit electronic parts. With proper labeling, and unique serial numbers printed on logistic labels, consumers will be confident that they are purchasing an original product manufactured by you, not a low quality copy.

Clear Instructions

The comprehensive range of Transport Indicators offered by Arca Systems allows you to place clear shipping instructions on containers and outer packaging. Shipping companies will know the temperature and humidity levels and adequate position for transporting your products in a safe manner.

Product Information

Some electronic products have complex and lengthy instructions for installation and use. By applying cover labels, consisting of successive peel-off sections, you can include as much information as the customer/ factory worker who installs your product needs.

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