Our range of products for the food industry is inspired by our love for good food and the concerns for food safety. We want to help you serve your clients with your delicious products securely packed in plastic and paper bags that keep them fresh and prevent leakage.

Our specific range of sealable bags for frozen meat and fish is microwave friendly, allowing your clients to defrost the products without removing them from the packaging. Arcafood means simplicity in use and high technical performance. This range of food packaging is easy to customize with printing in various colors and manufacturing of different materials.

Your Key Challenges

Wrapping at the Counter

New international legislation bans the use of wrapping paper and plastic bag for fresh meat, frozen fish and deli food. Arcafood pouches are efficient, cost effective and easy to use and help you comply with legal requirements.

Quick Freezing

Many people buy fresh meat for later use and keep it in the freezer. Arcafood pouches allow them to put the products directly in the freezer without the risk of leaking liquids or odors. The sealable flaps stay in place, thus the products are easy to handle by your clients.

Food Preservation

Arcafood pouches are made to withstand freezing temperatures and remain intact for as long as your clients want to keep the products in the refrigerator/freezer.

Defrosting and Heating

Deli products packed in Arcafood pouches can be easily and safely reheated for serving inside the Arcafood pouches. These food packages are compatible with microwave ovens both for heating prepared food and defrosting meat and fish.


You are trying to promote your brand image in any modality you can, including on packages. Arcafood pouches can be customized by printing in several colors and applying your logo on the package. We can offer you various customization options for this range of products, so share your ideas with us!

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