Health care

Health care

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Every day, you have to collect samples, label them carefully and pack them safely to avoid health hazards. You cannot afford delays, misplaced items and mistakes. People’s lives depend on these lab results, because they enable doctors to create an effective course of treatment.

We know exactly what kind of pressures and challenges you have to face from our previous work with major hospitals, medical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. We listened to our clients, understood their needs and developed a special range of packaging products for the healthcare industry.

Arcalab is a range of products that meets the requirements of the ISO 15189 standard and the UN 3373 packaging instructions. We know that one size does not fit all, so all our products can be customized in various ways to suit your specific restrictions and branding requirements.

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Biological samples can contaminate the persons handling them and the environment. All the Arcalab pouches are airtight to prevent any kind of leaks – even of microscopic particles.


Each sample sent by your institution can be traced along the entire journey to the lab and back by customizing the Arcalab pouches with sequential numbers, barcodes and QR codes. As an extra measure for traceability, the pouches can be provided with detachable receipts that can be archived.


Doctor-patient confidentiality is regulated by strict laws all over the world. Arcalab pouches help you maintain the confidentiality for all the medical documents and samples you send. They have an opaque re-sealable outer pouch where you can place patient information documents.


Arcalab pouches can be customized to fit your branding image with the company name and logo. Also, you can opt to print the sender and recipient names directly on the pouch to avoid accidental or willful damaging.

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