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Your company is part of the most active engine for human evolution and development: manufacturing. Every product ever invented that make our lives simpler and easier is made by companies like yours and needs to be shipped safely to distributors or end clients. This means that you need safe, reliable and traceable packaging and labeling materials.

We have developed a deep understanding of your needs and challenges. And we have researched and developed products that fit your requirements, such as Arcagrip, Arcamail and Arcalist. All our ranges of products can be purchased as stock items or customized to your specifications. You can choose from different colors, sizes, sealing options, safety accessories and more. Get in touch with us and we will make your ideas happen!

Your Challenges


You need to ship your products and samples safely, in packages that don’t break during transport. Our shipping pouches and envelopes are made of high quality films that withstand mechanical stress and rough weather conditions.


Fast Delivery

We optimized our production lead times down to 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of products and the customization requirements. Thus, we are ready to ship your orders fast and make sure you are never short of packaging materials.


All companies need to keep track of their shipped items in the global supply chain. Our transport pouches can be customized for traceability by printing sequential numbers, QR codes or barcodes. Additionally, the pouches can have up to 3 receipt slips attached that can be shared between the sender and the recipient for maximum control over each parcel.


Our comprehensive range of stock items is very varied and can satisfy your needs for last minute orders. We developed these products after learning the needs of many customers in your industry.


As your products evolve, so do our ranges of packaging materials. We are constantly informed of the trends in your industry and use this information in our R&D efforts. Thus, we are always ready to meet your requirements!

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