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On time delivery is your mantra every day. You order and deliver merchandize and must have available stocks for last minute orders from customers. In your industry, speed and coordination are paramount. Your time is money, in the most literal sense.

Our clients from the logistics industry helped us understand how important it is to plan and execute deliveries without the slightest delay or mistake. We are trying to make your work simpler and more efficient through our products – shipping pouches and envelopes. These products help you identify merchandize, describe the contents of shipping containers and attach mandatory transport documents, such as invoices and waybills.

Your Challenges


You cannot afford to lose time while preparing an order. To help you in your efforts, our plastic pouches and envelopes are very easy to seal, thanks to the adhesive flap with peel-off protective strip. In two simple moves, your shipping documents are secured inside the damage-proof pouch. Accessories like hang-up systems and wires allow quick fixing to the containers and your clients’ orders are ready to ship.


Almost every day something urgent comes up: you need to prepare last minute orders or to send stock refill requests to your suppliers. We are always ready to provide you with professional and reliable shipping plastic pouches from our standard ranges that fit your needs.


We help you promote your brand image with customized plastic envelopes and pouches produced in various colors and with your logo printed on them. Combined with the high quality and reliability of our packaging materials, you will be able to keep your customers loyal and happy to continue doing business with you.


You can track every shipment and make sure they arrive at their destination by printing barcodes or QR codes on the plastic shipping pouches. Also, you can opt to customize our shipping pouches with detachable confirmation receipts.

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