About us

We founded Arca Systems starting from the vision of becoming a trusted producer of polyethylene pouches, envelopes and bags. From the very beginning, our aim was to satisfy the specific needs of all industries that need this type of products.

Over the years, we learned from contact with our customers and adapted our product lines to provide the best quality and a wide range of customizations for most of the items we offer.

Our dedicated team has managed to win the confidence of major clients from all over Europe. They are key players in their industry and we are honored by the confidence they place in our products.

Our clients portfolio covers a wide range of industries: manufacturing, food production, healthcare, banking, ecommerce, and logistics.

What We Stand For

Uncompromising Quality

Every item produced by Arca Systems is the result of careful research and development work and complies with the most recent international standards and regulations. We acknowledge our responsibility in providing our client with nothing but the best, especially in sensitive domains such as food production and healthcare.

Professional Client Service

Our role is to make your work easier by providing you with polyethylene pouches, bags and labels that help you protect and keep track of your products. We are always open to discuss with you ways in which we can customize our stock products to fit your specific needs.

Environmental Protection

We apply sustainable practices in manufacturing each product. We source raw materials ethically and responsibly and continue to modernize our production facilities. Thus, we are continually working on reducing our carbon footprint and on helping you comply with your environmental protection commitments.

Continuous Research and Development

We never stop looking for new and innovative raw materials and production technologies that enable us to create better products. Through constant communication with our clients, we understand their requirements and incorporate them in the design and production of our products.

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